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X_YUSUF_BOSS is the house and platform surrounding the Groningen-based choreographer Mohamed Yusuf Boss. Starting from dance, we build bridges between art disciplines as well as between communities and individuals. The search for shared humanity forms the core of their practices. Our working method is based on the hip-hop principle each one teach one, in which everyone who contributes to the collective learns from each other and from the project.


X_YUSUF_BOSS wants to positively counterbalance social developments like polarization and cancel culture. We call this ‘Radical Connection’: giving attention to different stories and perspectives on a basis of humanity and compassion. We invite different groups of unheard and hidden people from Groningen and connect them to each other. By organizing events in our ‘house’ at the Folkingedwarsstraat and by creating multidisciplinary dance performances, we’re building on a close-knit community, we’re making hidden stories seen and we’re contributing to positive societal change.


We’re departing from the African philosophy ‘Ubuntu’ and hip-hop principle ‘Each One Teach One’. Ubuntu is all about humanity and compassion: a person is a person, through other people. Verything we learn and experience comes from our relations with others. Within Each One Teach One everyone’s contribution to the collective, learning from each other and the activities taking place, is central. These two approaches are combined within X_YUSUF_BOSS: share and exchange with attention for the other and building an organization, activities and community together.